The jungle

Kia Ora,

Today I want to touch on a topic which is probably the biggest concern of every person considering going to a different country, no matter temporarily or permanently; JOBS

It is a jungle!

New Zealand might be a small country but there is lots of opportunities for the persistent person. Effort must count for something and to be completely honest, your odds of getting a job before arrival are probably quite small, but not impossible!

There are all these traditional job seekers websites which the Kiwis themselves use

Seek & Trade me

It will be very difficult to get a job whilst still outside the country without a visa through those sites. Instead I believe one need to turn to the more international pages which advertise jobs in NZ to a wider market. The majority of these jobs will fall under the skills shortage lists, but not all of them! Do not despair if you are not a chef, dairy farmer or construction worker (even though it does help).

These sites like Working in, and perhaps the even more unconventional site LinkedIn have some great opportunities in quite a variety of fields (especially if you have a higher degree, or plenty experience within your field). Advantages with LinkedIn is also that your profile is accessible for a wide market, however it is important to tailor ones profile towards the NZ market and be clear that that is the aim. A lot of jobs from top companies are available through that site and it is increasingly gaining importance on the international job market to have a profile on a site where you can  read up and find the companies you want to work for, as well as having a public profile, responding to the keywords and skills they are looking for. If you have the right skills for the job, you might be head hunted. It does happen you know!

Working in also hold job expos where companies send representatives to the UK and Ireland to specifically look for skilled staff. The next one is in London in September.



My best tips…

be active

look for opportunities

there is always an open door for you somewhere


I will succeed in moving to New Zealand and so will you!


Take it easy, work on the CV and most importantly create a good profile on LinkedIn!


See you later alligator!









The idea of New Zealand = my heaven, my goal and my of new zealand

I want to share everything I learn, my process and my experiences of moving to a different country.

I am a Swedish citizen, going to university in Wales and I am planning on joining my boyfriend in New Zealand after graduation. Getting a visa, work permit and everything might be rather complicated as I have all ready spent a significant amount of time in New Zealand, doing a hotel management internship.

This blog has the purpose to store my thoughts and experiences from the process, and also, maybe help someone else who might consider doing this in the future.